“I have always been in love with the natural world. As a young girl, our summers were spent sailing around Lake George, New York, picking berries, camping, fishing and bird watching. Those magical experiences have shaped who I am and how I express myself through art. It has given me a passion for the beauty and wonder of nature and a deep gratitude of the vitality for the wild landscapes.”- Hannah

Listen to the podcast A Sculpted Life with Hannah Spencer -Block Carving Artist : ”The Spirit of Making Art”

Having migrated west in her late teens, Hannah soon became enraptured with the sage-infused desert canyons, the vastness of the seemingly never ending sky, and a simpler way of life. Decades of being fed by the magical power of place of the western landscape began a personal transformation for Hannah. She now lives with her husband and their four-year old twins on the banks of the Salmon River in Idaho. Living off-grid, they have built a sustainable straw bale home and maintain bees, a garden that feeds the family, and joy for their surroundings.

Living her dream, Hannah is a self-taught artist and professional Fly Fishing guide on wilderness rivers. This provides access to one of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48, it is this landscape the inspires Hannah. A placed based approach to learning has been her greatest teacher. Her artwork begins out in The field where she sketches her surroundings. Drawings are transferred to wood and the negative spaces are removed. Hannah avoids the overt use of modern technology by craving, pressing, and printing in the old fashioned method...by hand. She uses Oil-based inks and prints onto archival Japanese paper. She uses watercolor paints for her colored prints.

Hannah believes it is the organic and imperfect nature of the printmaking process that creates the magic on paper.