Woodblock artist Hannah Spencer Fast and watercolor artist Karen Savory have spent many afternoons roaming the mountains, talking about art, cheering each other’s accomplishments, and dreaming up new goals and projects for themselves and each other. Since their first watercolor class together in 2010 their individual styles have emerged. Hannah’s colorful hand-painted folk art-inspired woodblock prints and Karen’s fun and playful watercolor paintings are the perfect compliment to each other.
Hannah uses the dark bold lines of block printing and contrasts it with joyful colors that make her prints sing. She skillfully captures the deep soulful connections felt between friends and nature while also opening a window into her own soul. Karen’s bright and whimsical watercolors are painted in a style that is uniquely hers, using vivid colors and a big imagination to create pieces that are endearing to all. Her work exudes that overwhelming feeling of contented happiness when good friends gather, their inner spirits soar, and their hearts become full.

Together, these two long time friends have begun their first collaboration piece which includes Karen's fun, whimsical animals along with Hannahs bold, strong woodblock images.

This series titled "For The Love Of Honey" will bring absolute joy to viewers but will also be teaching young children about the importance of the honey bee, teamwork and how everything is connected to each other.

There are more pieces in this series coming......so follow along.

Karen Savorys website: https://simplysavoryart.com

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